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Black Hood #16
Black Hood #16Grade: GD
Page Quality: OWW
Census: Highest Graded - 3 in 6.0
Black Hood (3) & Gloomy Gus Stories Fall/45 ERKinstler Cover I.Novick R.Holmdale Art

Black Hood #19
Black Hood #19Grade: VG/F
Page Quality: White
Census: 7 Higher - Highest - 1 in 8.0
Black Hood (2) & Gloomy Gus Stories, Black Hood's ID Revealed, Last Issue Sum/46 I.Novick Cover & Art R.Holmdale Art
Blue Ribbon Comics #20
Blue Ribbon Comics #20Grade: F/VF
Page Quality: OWW
Pedigree: Jon Berk Collection
Census: 3 Higher - 0 in 7.0
Captain Flag, Rang-A-Tang, Fox, Witch's Cauldron, Mr. Justice & Other Stories, Nazi War Cover 1/42 >.Streeter Cover & Art B.Montana S.Cooper E.Smalle C.Hubbell Art
Hangman #4
Hangman #4Grade: VG
Page Quality: OW
Classic Hunchback, Nazi, Torture, Bondage Cover, Hangman & Boy Buddies Nazi Stories Fall/42 H.Lucey Cover P.Reinman B.Fuji I.Novick Art

Jackpot Comics #4
Jackpot Comics #4Grade: 6.5
Page Quality: OWW
Census: 1 in 9.2 - 1 in 8.0 - 1 in 7.5 - 2 in 6.5
2nd Archie Story, 1st Archie Cover, 2nd Betty, 2nd Jughead & 1st Ms. Grundy App. Steel Sterling, Black Hood, Mr. Justice, Sgt. Boyle Stories Win/41 B.Montana Cover & Art I.Novick C.Hubbell Art
Sale Pending
Shield-Wizard Comics #1
Shield-Wizard Comics #1Grade: FA
Page Quality: COW
Shield & Wizard Stories, Origin of Shield, George Washington, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson & Samuel Adams App. Flag Cover 1940 I.Novick Cover & Art E.Ashe Art
Top-Notch Comics #12
Top-Notch Comics #12Grade: GD+
Page Quality: OWW
Census: Only 3 Graded
4th Black Hood App. Wizard, Roy, Firefly, 1st St. Louis Kid & Other Stories 2/41 A.Camy Cover & Art I.Novick N.Zuraw B.Woods E.Small B.Klein L.Streeter C.Hubbell Art
Zip Comics #6
Zip Comics #6Grade: G/VG
Page Quality: COW
Steel Sterling, Scarlet Avenger, War Eagles, Mr. Satan & Others 7/41 E.Wexler E.Smalle I.Novick Art C.Biro Cover & Art

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