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Adventures Into the Unknown #20
Adventures Into the Unknown #20Grade: VF/NM to NM-
Page Quality: OW
Census: 2 in 9.4 - 1 in 9.2 - 1 in 9.0
50s Horror & Mystery 6/51 O.Whitney Cover K.Bald A.Camy Art

Adventures Into the Unknown #20
Adventures Into the Unknown #20Grade: VF/VF+
Page Quality: OW/COW
Pedigree: Crippen/"D" Copy
50s Horror & Mystery 6/1 O.Whitney Cover K.Bald A.Camy Art

Blazing West #10
Blazing West #10Grade: VG/F
Page Quality: OWW
Injun Jones, Buffalo Belle, Bantam Buckaroo & Texas Tim Stories 4/51 L.Elias Art

Cookie #2
Cookie #2Grade: VF/NM
Page Quality: COW
Pedigree: Lloyd Jacquet File Copy
Census: Highest Graded - 1 in 8.0
Teen Humor - Cookie, Trudy & 1st Tee-Pee Tim (Ha Ha Comics) 8/46 G.Turner D.Gibson Art

Cookie #36
Cookie #36Grade: G/VG
Page Quality: OWW
Teen Humor, Cookie & Scarlet O'Hare Stories 1952
Forbidden Worlds #8
Forbidden Worlds #8Grade: FN-
Page Quality: OW/COW
50s Horror & Mystery 8/52 K.Bald Cover H.Lazarus Art

Out of the Night #6
Out of the Night #6Grade: VG++
Page Quality: OW
Pre-Code Horror-Suspense Stories, Charlemagne the Great App. Skeleton Cover 1//54 K.Bald Cover H.Lazarus J.Blummer A.Gates P.Riss Art

Soldiers of Fortune #1
Soldiers of Fortune #1Grade: FN/FN+
Page Quality: COW
Pedigree: Crippen/"D" Copy
Census: No Copy Graded to Date
Lance Larson, Capt. Crossbones & Ace Carter Stories 4/52 O.Whitney Cover L.Starr S.Moldoff C.Sultan Art

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