More Fun Comics

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More Fun Comics #25
More Fun Comics #25Grade: 6.5
Page Quality: COW
Pedigree: Jon Berk Collection
Census: 5 Higher - 1 in 6.5
Dr. Occult, Pep Morgan, Radio Squad, Three Musketeers & Other Stories, Gerber 6 Scarce, Football Cover 10/37 V.Sullivan Cover & Art T.Hickey C.Flessel W.Ellsworth C.Flessel J.Shuster W.Ely G.Fox Art
More Fun Comics #89
More Fun Comics #89Grade: App 9.4
Page Quality: White
Pedigree: Edgar Church (Mile High) Copy
Census: Highest Universal Grade - 1 in 9.0
Green Arrow & Speedy (Origin of Team-Up), Aquaman, Dr. Fate, Spectre, Johnny Quick & Other Stories 4/43 H.Sherman M.Meskin L.Cazeneuve P.Rice Art C.Young Cover & Art
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