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Great Comics #1
Great Comics #1Grade: 8.5
Page Quality: OWW
Census: 1 in 9.6 - 1 in 8.5
1st Great Zarro (Origin), Madame Strange, Guy Gorham, Buck Johnson, Devil Dogs 3 & Other Adventure Stories 11/41 B.Kane A.LeBlanc R.Palais A.Saaf F.Hanks C.Winter Art
Liberty Comics #10
Liberty Comics #10Grade: 9.6
Page Quality: OW
Pedigree: Double Cover
Census: Single Highest Graded
Horror Type Cover, Hangman, Boy Buddies, Suzie & Wilbur Stories (Archie Comics) 1945 B.Bailey Cover B.Fuji B.Vigoda G.Harrison Art
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