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Attack #6
Attack #6Grade: GD++
Page Quality: COW
Pre-Code War Stories, 2nd Series (Trojan #2) 3/53 H.Harrison Cover & Art B.Fraccio A.Gordon HCKeifer Art

Beware #13 (#1)
Beware #13 (#1)Grade: GD-
Page Quality: OW
(#1) Alien Eye Creature Cover, Pre-Code Horror & Mystery Stories 1/53 H.Harrison Cover & Art G.Altman V.Napoli H.Kiefer Art

Beware #16 (#4)
Beware #16 (#4)Grade: FA+
Page Quality: OW
(#4) Pre-Code Horror & Mystery Stories, Spicy Mystery 1941 Pulp Cover Homage, Mummy Story 7/53 W.Zeller Cover ACHollingsworth A.Tyler H.Harrison H.Kiefer Art

Beware #8
Beware #8Grade: VG-
Page Quality: OW/COW
Zombie Cover, Pre-Code Horror & Mystery Stories, Witch Story 3/54 AC Hollingsworth Cover M.Fass J.Forte S.Check H.Kiefer Art

Crime Smashers #12
Crime Smashers #12Grade: G/VG
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: Only Graded - 1 in 5.5
Female Manhandling Cover, Pre-Code Crime, Sally The Sleuth, Dan Turner, Ray Hale News Ace & Girl Friday Stories, Injury to Eye Panel 3/52 L.Zarkin Cover R.Bellem N.Alfred Art F.Frazetta Page

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