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Thrilling Comics #42
Thrilling Comics #42Grade: G/VG
Page Quality: OW
Overstreet Lists as Classic Japanese War Cover, Commando Cubs, Ghost, Lone Eagle, Doc Strange & Other Stories 6/45 A.Schomburg Cover B.Oksner A.Froehlich M.Gutwirth L.Morey Art
Thrilling Comics #51
Thrilling Comics #51Grade: F/VF
Page Quality: OWW
Census: 3 Higher - 1 in 7.0
Last WW II War Cover, Commando Cubs, Lone Eagle, Ghost & Doc Strange Stories 12/45 A.Schomburg Cover B.Oksner M.Gutwirth Art
Wonder Comics #9
Wonder Comics #9Grade: VG+
Page Quality: OW/COW
Alien Sci Fi Cover, Grim Reaper, Jill Trent, Bart Bradley & 1st Wonderman Story 4/47 A.Schomburg Cover & Art A.Camy B.Oksner Art
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