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Pep Comics #43
Pep Comics #43Grade: GD/GD+
Page Quality: OW/COW
4th Archie Cover, Hangman, Archie (Jughead, Veronica, Mr. Lodge, Reggie, Betty), Captain Commando (Nazi Story), Shield Stories 10/43 I.Novick B.Fujitani H.Sahle C.Hubbell Art B.Montana Cover

Zip Comics #17
Zip Comics #17Grade: Q VG
Page Quality: White
Woman Being Cooked Alive Bondage Cover, Steel Sterling, Scarlet Avenger, War Eagles, Captain Valor & Other Stories, Back Cover Pin-Up 7/41 I.Novick S.Cooper E.Smalle P.Reinman Art C.Biro Cover & Art
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