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Chief Victorio's Apache Massacre #1
Chief Victorio's Apache Massacre #1Grade: VG-
Page Quality: COW
Chief Victorio's Massacre Story, Kit West Back Up Story, Solo Shot Issue 1951 ERKinstler Cover & Art H.Larsen A.Williamson F.Frazetta Art
Cow Puncher #4
Cow Puncher #4Grade: FN
Page Quality: COW
Census: 7 Higher - 1 in 6.0
Knight of the North, Clint Cortland Texas Ranger, Kit West & Other Western Stories, Revealing Good-Girl Cover 10/47 J.Elgin F.Kida ACHollingsworth Art A.Ulmer Cover & Art

Cow Puncher #5
Cow Puncher #5Grade: VG+
Page Quality: OWW
Texas Ranger, Cora Carter (Saloon Singer), Kit West & Other Western Stories, Good Girl Cover 1948 A.Ulmer Cover & Art J.Elgin P.Reinman R.Palais Art
Davy Crockett #1
Davy Crockett #1Grade: F/VF
Page Quality: White
Census: 1 in 9.6 - 1 in 8.5 - 1 in 7.0
"Frontier Fighter" Avon Solo Shot, 3 Crockett Stories + Other Frontier Stories, "Remember the Alamo" Story 1951 G.Fawcette Cover P.Reinman Art
Intimate Confessions #2
Intimate Confessions #2Grade: VG+
Page Quality: OWW
Census: 1 in 8.0 - 1 in 4.0
Pre-Code Romance Stories 10/51 Painted Cover W.Johnson E.Ravielli L.Zansky N.Nodel E.Kinstler Art

King Solomon's Mines #1
King Solomon's Mines #1Grade: G/VG to VG-
Page Quality: OW/COW
Avon One-Shot, Allan Quatermain HHaggard Novel (And Possible Movie) Adaptation 1951 R.Astarita Art L.Ames Cover

Molly O'Day #1
Molly O'Day #1Grade: F/VF
Page Quality: OW
Census: 3 in 8.0 - 3 in 7.0
Good-Girl Cover, Avon On-Shot, Molly, Capt'n Courage, Cpl Grant & Other Crime Stories, Pulp Detective Cover Homage 2/45 F.Schwab G.Tuska P.Gattuso A.Plastino Art
Penny #2
Penny #2Grade: G/VG
Page Quality: OW
Teen Humor Stories, Penny & Our Bill (Monetary Pun) Stories, Roller Skating Cover 1948 H.Haenigsen Cover & Art

Saint #6
Saint #6Grade: FN
Page Quality: OW
Census: 8 Higher - 1 in 6.0
TV & Radio Detective, Miss Fury & Lucky Dale Back Up Stories 1949 F.Sieminsky Cover Good-Girl Cover & Art T.Mills W.Kremer R.Palais Art

Slave Girl #2
Slave Girl #2Grade: App VG+
Page Quality: OWW
Malu the Slave Girl Princess & Other Good-Girl Stories, Garth App. 4/49 H.Larsen Cover & Art

Strange Worlds #1
Strange Worlds #1Grade: FA/G to GD-
Page Quality: OWW
Sci Fi Stories, Crom the Barbarian, Kenton of Star Patrol & Others 11/50 J.Kubert J.Small J.Giunta Art G.Fawcette Cover

Strange Worlds #3
Strange Worlds #3Grade: G
Page Quality: OWW
Fantastic Sci Fi Art 6/51 J.Orlando W.Wood F.Frazetta A.Williamson Krenkel Art Kinstler Cover
$245.00 $200.00

Wild Bill Hickok #4
Wild Bill Hickok #4Grade: VG
Page Quality: OW
Wild Bill Hickok Stories, Painted Cover 7/50 HWScott Cover H.Larsen Art

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