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Humdinger #1
Humdinger #1Grade: 9.4
Page Quality: OWW
Census: 1 in 9.6 - 1 in 9.4
Jerkwater Line, Mickey Starlight, Speck Spot & Sis, Dink and Other Stories 4/47 J.Warren B.Green D.Rico J.Harmon H.Gage Art A.Fago Cover

Humdinger V2 #2
Humdinger V2 #2Grade: GD++
Page Quality: OW
Last Issue, Vic and Ventura, Dink, Foxy, Mickey Starlight, Fearless Fellers, Jerkwater Line, & Speck, Spot and Sis Stories 8/47 J.Warren Cover & Art M.Hammer H.Gage B.Green D.Rico D.Donohoe H.Hoffman Art

Humdinger #6
Humdinger #6Grade: VF/NM
Page Quality: OW
Pedigree: Diamond Run Copy
Census: No Copy Graded to Date
Vic & Ventura, Jerkwater Line, Mickey Starlight, Foxy, Dink and Other Stories 4/47 D.Rico Art J.Harmon Cover

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