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Mad #2
Mad #2Grade: VG/F
Page Quality: OW
2nd Issue, Tarzan Spoof, Dick Tracy Cameo, Baseball Cover 1/53 J.Severin B.Elder W.Wood Art J.Davis Cover & Art

Mad #4
Mad #4Grade: FN+
Page Quality: OW/COW
Robin Hood, The Shadow & Superman Parody Stories, "Flob Was a Slob" Reefer Mention Story 5/53 H.Kurtzman Cover W.Wood J.Severin B.Elder J.Davis Art

Mad #12
Mad #12Grade: VF
Page Quality: OW/COW
Archie & "From Here to Eternity" Parodies, 3-D Comics Story, Nudity Panels 6/54 W.Wood J.Davis W.Elder B.Kristein Art

Mad #18
Mad #18Grade: VG/F
Page Quality: OW
Alice in Wonderland & Howdy Doody Parodies 12/54 H.Kurtzman Cover & Art W.Wood J.Davis B.Elder Art - Rarer to Find Lines Not Drawn In on Cover
Mad #19
Mad #19Grade: F/VF to VF-
Page Quality: White
Pedigree: Spokane Copy
Pre-Code EC Mad Insane Parodies, Walt Disney (Mickey) & "The Caine Mutiny" Parodies 1/55 B.Elder W.Wood J.Davis Art H.Kurtzman Cover

Mad #20
Mad #20Grade: VG/F
Page Quality: OWW
Katzenjammer Kids & Longfellow Poem Parodies 2/56 B.Elder W.Wood J.Davis Art

Mad #22
Mad #22Grade: VF-
Page Quality: OW
Pedigree: Bill Elder File Copy
Kurtzman Photo on Cover, All Stories "Bill (Chicken Fat) Elder Dept." 4/55 B.Elder Art H.Kurtzman Cover

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