WWC Welcomes the Arrival of the Newest Grading Company

WorldWide Comics is really excited with the arrival of CBCS to the comic market. When Steve Borock contacted us back in April to notify us that they were planning a soft opening of his new comic grading company, we recognized the impact this was going to have on the comic market. As much as we like CGC and the people working there, competition for business is the American way of life and can only enhance the comic market. Within the first hour of talking with Steve, and without me informing him of problems I have had with CGC as a company, he addressed each item and explained how CBCS will not create these same problems to its clients. A grading company is only effective if it can standardize its grading and be consistent. Grading too high makes the submitters happy for a time, but if the market feels the grades are soft, they will not pay as much. At the same time, if they are too harsh, then those submitting will feel short changed. That is the tight rope that CBCS must walk. To evaluate the quality that we could expect from CBCS, WorldWide Comics sent 100 books in various eras, various grades and various tiers to CBCS back in June (before they were officially opened). We will begin listing those books immediately for all to see. Here are the results of what we have seen to date:

  • The CBCS case feels rickety, but is still tight and much more durable than CGC cases to cracking.
  • Their case is a tiny bit wider but not as deep (you can fit 4-5 more CBCS books in a box than CGC, so the box weighs 4 pounds more).
  • Grades seem to match CGC at this point, but the sample size evaluated is small.
  • CBCS is considering 9.9 and 10.0 in all tiers, not just the higher priced tiers. This is huge for that market but may result in what some feel can me a glut of 9.9s and 10.0s in the future, time will tell.
  • Submission forms are easier to use and thier tiers match CGC almost one-for-one.
  • CBCS cases seem to avoid the slab damage that CGC cases can experience as the comic is sandwiched between the mylar innner liner and the ends appear to pinch the comic into place, leaving it floating in the middle of the liner. The only problem that may be caused is spine rolling depending on how the book is first encapsulated.
  • The CBCS web-site is not fully active, but the instant insights into the status of your book along with access to all grading notes without being charged will be refreshing once it becomes functional.

At this point, we feel a comic graded by CBCS will hold the same grade and therefore the same price as a comic graded by CGC. We are therefore pricing them the same. As we get in more books and as the company matures we will keep evaluating and determining their strengths and weaknesses and hope to feed this information back to them to help them grow. A second grading company in the comic market will only improve the market for all, so we will hope for their success.

Stephen & Sharon Ritter
WorldWide Comics



Upgraded Functional Capability with New Page Designs

WorldWide Comics is proud to be launching its first major software upgrade to its web-site. Although we originally announced it would be activated in late January, it has not been easy acquiring and processing all the collections we have gotten in this year while overseeing the software upgrades on the new functions built into this version. We wanted to spend the extra time to also design a more pleasing design with a better appearance. Our new site not only has a new look, but also the following new functionality:

  • Much improved search functions.
  • Better filtering in the search options.
  • A long awaited Want List capability for clients.
  • New information to aid collectors (like the alphabetic/numeric grading scale).

Like every software upgrade, we are expecting a few bugs which will require fixing, plus we will be fine tuning the fonts and colors on the site, so please bear with us during this time. This marks the first major change to our site since we launched it in 2008 and we are very pleased with it.

Stephen & Sharon Ritter
WorldWide Comics

Comic Verification Authority (CVA) Visits WorldWide Comics

Comic Verification Authority (CVA) visited WorldWide Comics in May 2013 and assessed over 4,000 of the 15,000 CGC graded comics in our inventory for the potential of finding those issues that would rate Exceptional for that grade assigned by CGC. These books are identified with a CVA sticker on the CGC case and noted in the "Pedigree/Special Collection" search function as CVA Rated - Exceptional Copy or by pedigree with the notation "CVA Exceptional" after it.

CVA Mission. For those who are not aware, CVA is a start-up company in its first year of operation. Their goal is to provide the comic community with an additional layer of evaluation for comics that show outstanding relative eye appeal for the grade assigned by CGC. In a nutshell, they are identifying the top tier in that grade based upon such eye appealing features as structure, centering, glossiness and overall appearance. Their service is focused on higher end comics and for the pickiest of collectors. That collector who takes pride in knowing he not only has a 9.4 of a certain issue, but one that would cherish the idea that he owns one of, if not the best looking 9.4 graded.

WorldWide Comic's View. In our opinion, what CVA can provide to the comics community can become another essential tool to buying and selling high end comics. At this point, we feel the auction houses can benefit the most from their services and any auction house that does not use their service in the future is only shorting their clients. ComicLink is the first to adopt CVA into their auctions, hopefully more will come.
--- Stephen Ritter - WorldWide Comics

Worldwide Comics Wishes Matt Nelson Luck in His Future at CGC

Matt Nelson is off to Florida to do GREAT things at CGC!!!

Although it saddens our hearts to lose the best comic partner there is in the business today, we at WorldWide Comics were surprised but very pleased that CGC persuaded the co-owner of our company to help lead them to the future. In the years we have spent devising the concept of the Pedigree Book (which will be finished) and creating WorldWide Comics, Matt has proven himself to be one of the few comic specialists with the integrity, expertise and knowledge that I would have wanted to partner with. CGC could not have selected a better person to help lead them at this time. We realize that a few people will look at his arrival at CGC in a negative light, but we know it will elevate CGC to higher levels. We are expecting great things for the market with Matt helping take the most pivotal company in the comic collecting world to new heights. Thanks for the the years you spent with us Matt.
--- Stephen Ritter - WorldWide Comics

What's New in 2013

Welcome to a new decade in comic collecting! Comic books saw a tremendous surge the past ten years, thanks to a perfect storm of the internet, CGC, and online auctions. We expect this decade to be no less interesting.

2010 closed out with the economy in a severe slump and comic prices for Silver and Bronze greatly impacted by this. After a year in which most comic prices saw a continous downward trend, we have been greatly encouraged with what we are seeing in 2011 with prices not just finally stabilizing, but actually increasing again (maybe not like in 2008 and 2009, but still increasing). Given the interest Hollywood keeps generating, plus endless TV shows, cartoons, merchandising, and the general consensus that being "geeky" is actually cool these days, you can bet comic books will be around for a long time. The bottom line is whether you're collecting or investing (or both), enjoyment and relaxation is the name of the game, and people just can't get enough of that these days.

You can count on Worldwide to continue to provide you some of that enjoyment in 2013! First off, we generally receive around 500 to 1,000 new comics from CGC each month, including a slew of high grade Silver and Bronze, and choice copies from the Golden Age. Also, over 1000 new raw comics are generally added each month, including many from new pedigrees like Savannah, Twin Cities and other collections. And to stay on top of our game we're even checking much of our old inventory, updating prices according to new market trends, which means some books are being reduced in price. These will periodically appear in the "new arrivals" section of our site.

WorldWide Comics is planning to set up at several big shows in 2013, including San Diego, both Chicago shows, and the New York show, and most likely a few more smaller cons throughout the country. As usual, we'll have our killer inventory on hand, so make sure to visit our booth if we're in your neck of the woods. We also have many new developments for the website, which will appear throughout the year, including a "Want List" and a "Make an Offer" function.

WorldWide Comics Has Moved Back to Texas !!!

On August 8th, 2012 WorldWide comics moved its operations to San Antonio where we will be located temporily at Quail Whisper while its permanent facilities are being prepared (we expect 3-4 months). We are now fully up and running in San Antonio after a trying move sandwiched between San Diego and Chicago Cons and topped by Stephen and Sharon's wedding in November. Sorry for any delays or errors made during this transition.

New Collection!

WorldWide Comics is estactic to announce the complete consignment of a stunning collection from one of the great comic collectors in the field for the past three decades. We have been receiving many high grade Silver Age Marvel and DC comics from this collection in the past year with 1000s still at CGC right now, so tune in every week to see what else we get back.

Presenting Two Exclusive Collections!

We're proud to present two high quality collections to our customers, the Golden State Collection and the Peter Kuper Collection . The Golden States are actually a collection that originally came to market in the early 90s, but the owner held back a portion, which we now have for sale. Peter Kuper is a renown illustrator who has published work not only in comic books, but also Mad Magazine, Time and Newsweek. Peter's childhood collection of Silver and Bronze Age are being offered exclusively here at Worldwide throughout the summer.

The Golden State Collection
Click to view full list for sale
The Golden State collection was amassed by a meticulous collector residing in the San Francisco area who carefully filed away his newsstand copies each month. The core of the collection ranged from the early 60s to present, but also included a very impressive run of Golden Age as well.

The owner finally decided to part with the Golden and Silver Age portions of his collection in the early 90s, and much of it entered the market through a national dealer. Unfortunately much of the Silver Age was never documented as the Golden State collection, although one can still find random CGC graded issues floating about. The average grade of this period was 9.4 and 9.6, truly amazing books.

Fast forward to 2008, the original owner has finally decided to sell the remainder of his collection, which consists of late Bronze Age to present. WWC is proud to offer this last section of the Golden States to collectors starting this week. Just about every single title and issue from Marvel, DC and most 80s independents are there, with the vast majority grading CGC 9.8. WWC will be releasing over 5,000 CGC graded Golden States throughout the rest of 2009 and early 2010. Each book will display a Golden State sticker on the CGC case. Grab your want lists and hold on!

The Peter Kuper Collection
Click to view full list for sale
Any fan of Mad Magazine knows the exploits of Spy vs. Spy, the wordless comic strip featuring two spies, one black and one white, constantly warring against each other. Peter Kuper, who has been drawing Spy vs. Spy for Mad during the past 12 years, began his prolific career in illustration with a love of comic books. This passion blossomed into comic book work alongside greats such as Howard Chaykin, Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta and Jim Starlin, eventually leading Kuper to create a number of autobiographical comics and the renowned political comix magazine World War 3. Kuper also boasts a number of covers published for Time and Newsweek. He has taught courses in comics and illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and is also an art director of INK, a political illustration group.

During his comic collecting heyday, Kuper amassed a collection of about 2,300 comics from the 60s and 70s, which included near complete runs of Marvel and DC. The peak condition of the collection ranges from 1972 to early 1975, which have yielded a plethora of 9.4, 9.6 and 9.8 grades. Worldwide is proud to present the Peter Kuper collection for sale, of which 1,000 will be CGC graded. Look for their listings throughout the month of July and August.

Good luck this year, and happy hunting!

Stephen & Sharon Ritter