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Durango Kid #2
Durango Kid #2Grade: 9.0
Page Quality: OW
Pedigree: Crippen/"D" Copy
Census: Single Highest Graded
Dan Brand & Tipi (White Indian) Back Up Story, George Washington App. 1/50 Photo Cover & Page J.Certa F.Frazetta Art
Red Mask #43
Red Mask #43Grade: 8.5
Page Quality: COW
Pedigree: Toronto Copy
Census: 1st (Single Highest Graded Copy)
3-D Effect Cover/Story, Lone Ranger Like Western Hero 9/54 F.Bolle D.Ayers Art
Straight Arrow #8
Straight Arrow #8Grade: 9.6
Page Quality: COW
Census: Highest Graded - 2 in 9.6
Based on Mutual Radio Station, Red Hawk Back Up Story 12/50 B.Powell Art F.Meagher Cover & Art

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