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Beware #2
Beware #2Grade: VF+
Page Quality: OWW
Skeletal Cover 5/73 J.Romita Cover G.Colan M.Sekowsky B.Fuji J.Forte Art

Beware #6
Beware #6Grade: VF/VF+
Page Quality: OW
'50s Horror Stories 1/74 R.Wilson Cover D.Ayers T.DiPreta G.Tuska Art

Beware #7
Beware #7Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: White
Census: Highest Graded - 3 in 9.8
50s Atlas Horror Stories 3/74 B.Everett Cover A.Eadeh G.Fawcette S.Kweskin A.Torres Art
Beware #8
Beware #8Grade: VF+
Page Quality: White
Pedigree: Don Rosa Copy
'50s Horror Stories, Last Issue 5/74 J.Romita Cover M.Sekowsky M.Lawrence P.Reinman Art

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