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For Sale
Young Allies #18
Young Allies #18
Grade VG/VG+: $750.00
Silver Surfer #1
Silver Surfer #1
Grade VG/FN: $650.00
Journey Into Mystery #115
Journey Into Mystery #115
Grade 9.2: $625.00
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WorldWide Comics Grading

Grading comics is considered an art, and although we understand what this means, we believe you deserve and expect a level of consistency that we at WorldWide Comics strive towards. Every year, we send 1000s of comics to CGC for grading and we lot view 10,000 comics at all the major U.S. auctions, so we have a real feel for CGC grading and how that has fluctuated during the years. 

We utilize that experience while examining each comic we intend to list, identifying defects we can repair and improve on.  Because we work each comic inhouse, we are aware of and can address all the wear and problems observed while grading, meaning you get a product we believe achieves the maximum grade we can realize.  We are the only comic dealer in the U.S. that clean, press and work every comic listed on our web-site (except encapsulated comics) and we are extremely proud of the product we produce through our process.  

If however you find any fault with a comic purchased from us (even a CGC graded comic) please return the comic for a full refund. We only ask that you provide your reasons so that we can re-assess the comic.

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