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Stephen Ritter

Stephen began collecting comics in the early 1970s in south Texas. His appetitte for comics was insatiable as he acquired every comic he came across until, in 1975, he located Corpus Christi's first Comic Specialty shop. It was then that he set his path to acquire every Marvel and DC comic from the Silver Age to the present. Like many collectors, completing runs was eventually replaced with upgrading to the nicest conditions he could find. As he closed in on completing his Marvel and DC runs, Stephen inevitably migrated towards the Golden Age of comics, which greatly broadened the scope of his collecting. By 1990, he had amassed such a large collection of duplicate issues, he began a new path of selling comics.

"I was a very grade conscious collector over the years. My experience as a dealer helped augment my ability to cherry pick, and allowed me access to many phenomenal collections." His attendance at most major conventions around the country introduced him to collectors of all kinds and national dealers around the country.

Stephen grew up in Texas and attended The University of Texas at Austin graduating with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and later an MS Aerospace engineering degree at the University of Dayton. What does a young aero-engineer do upon entering the work force, well, Stephen joined the U.S. Air Force where he served 24 years, rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel. His military career took him around the world, but more importantly around the country allowing him to seek out comics in towns and cities from coast to coast.

As his Air Force career came to a close, he elected to pursue a comic dream rather than continuing his engineering career on the civilian side. "I wanted to build a website for the selling of vintage comics for all forms of comic collectors." WorldWide Comics is the result, tying together decades of knowledge, experience, and above all, a comic book collection that took several decades to accumulate. "The long term plan of this business is to provide a massive selection of comics for all classes of collectors. Whether they collect Gold, Silver or Bronze, high grade or low grade, CGC or raw, we will have it all."

In March of 2008, Stephen launched WorldWide Comics with his then partner, Matt Nelson. When Matt's primary company Classics Inc. was bought out by CGC, he had to give up his partnership in WWC. How do you replace a partner like Matt Nelson? Stephen went a different direction and asked his most significant other, Sharon, to not only marry him, but join him in his lifelong dream. They married in 2012 and moved back to his origin state of Texas where they now share their lives on the road hunting for and working with vintage comics.

Sharon Ritter

Sharon has been involved with WorldWide Comics since its creation in 2008. She began by helping Stephen set up at conventions, then eventually started working full time for WorldWide. Sharon is now an integral part of the day to day operations of the company. "I like the personal contact of the conventions and enjoy learning and working with comics." Although her tastes as a kid were typical of most girls (Archie, Richie Rich, etc.) she truly enjoys the widespread genre and eras she is exposed to in her current experiences at WorldWide Comics. "It helps that Hollywood is exposing all the older comic characters in the hoards of movies they are producing today."

Sharon lived most of her life in the Midwest (Ohio and Indiana). She is a graduate of Purdue University with a Nursing Degree and worked as a CCU nurse for 15 years then a school librarian. She enjoys reading any and everything she can get a hold of, so she is up to date with the latest novels and writers. One of the things she looks most forward to at San Diego Comic Con each year is seeking out the publishers who are giving away books to the masses (her current record is 40). Sharon has two daughters, Christen and Felicia who are both following in her footsteps at Purdue University. When their schedules allow they enjoy "helping" at the San Diego Comic Con.

Stephen and Sharon were married in 2012 and now reside in San Antonio, TX where they are settling into their new surroundings. "The weather here is warmer than the Midwest, a positive in winter but summers....!"

Servando Pena

Servando PenaServando Pena is the newest addition to the Worldwide Comics team. He hails from San Antonio Texas and most recently worked eight years as the Young Adult Librarian and Outreach Coordinator for the Patrick Heath Public Library in Boerne Texas and worked four years for the San Antonio Public Library. Servando's love of reading was born of comic books, which was how he first learned that reading could be fun. While working at the library, Servando helped many teens and tweens learn this lesson by introducing them to the comic and manga collections he built and nurtured at the library.

Servando has continued his love of comic books reading Marvel and DC and of course keeping up with the Marvel and DC movies and TV universes. His favorite stories include Batman, The Ghostbusters (IDW Comics), The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Star Wars. A true geek, Servando is looking forward to immersing himself in Worldwide Comics and is excited to help represent Worldwide Comics at comic conventions.

Servando has a BA in Political Science from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. His other interests include Dungeons and Dragons, video games, science fiction, fantasy and horror.


A recent transplant from the St. Louis area, Casey Kalaher has been a Pre-Hero, Silver, and Bronze Age Marvel collector since the 1980s. Before coming to WorldWide Comics in 2024, he worked a variety of jobs in the retail sector and as a freelance musician. His love of comics was born from reading reprint books like Marvel's Greatest Comics, Marvel Tales, and Marvel Collector's Item Classics at a young age, and he has a deep appreciation for the works of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita, John Buscema, Joe Maneely, Jim Steranko, and Stan Lee, among others.

Casey holds a Bachelor's of Music in Tuba Performance from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. His hobbies include spending time with his wife Melissa and their three dogs, golfing, Chicago Cubs baseball, St. Louis Blues hockey, watching old movies, playing the tuba, and obsessively looking for mid-grade Silver Age Marvels with clean staples and white pages.