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Dynamic Comics #1
Dynamic Comics #1Grade: GD/GD+
Page Quality: OWW
Dynamic Man, Yankee Girl, Tim Trent & Crime Stories 1958 ERKinslter Cover R.Mayo J.Beck S.Asch Art
Jungle Comics #9
Jungle Comics #9Grade: VG++
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: 1 in 9.2 - 1 in 3.5
Kaanga, Wambi, Captain Terry Thunder & Camilla Jungle Stories (Jungle #151) 7/52 LBCole Cover M.Whitman R.Mayo R.Webb H.Kiefer Art
Kaanga #1
Kaanga #1Grade: VG/F to FN-
Page Quality: OW
Census: Only Graded - 1 in 3.5
Kaanga (2) & Other Jungle Stories, Lion Cover 1958 ERKinstler Cover J.Celardo Art
Kaanga #8
Kaanga #8Grade: VG++
Page Quality: OW
Census: No Copy Graded to Date
Kaanga (3) & Jungle Girl Stories 1958 S.Brodsky Cover B.Lubbers J.Celardo M.Reynolds Art

Sharpy Fox #14
Sharpy Fox #14Grade: Q VG-
Page Quality: OWW
Sharpy Fox, Cheerie Chick, Tuffy Turtle & Other Funny Animal Stories 1963 B.Schwartz Art

Space Mysteries #9
Space Mysteries #9Grade: VG
Page Quality: OW
Robot Cover, Sci Fi Stories From Planet #73 Reprinted 1958 B.Benulis A.Albert B.Sahs J.Belcastro J.Abel Art

Strange Planets #1
Strange Planets #1Grade: VG++
Page Quality: OWW
Sci Fi Stories Reprinted From EC Incredible Si Fi #30 & Strange Worlds #3 Cover 1958 ERKinstler Cover W.Wood B.Krigstein J.Davis J.Orlando Art

Wambi #8
Wambi #8Grade: App VG+
Page Quality: OW
Gorilla Cover, Wambi (3) & Other Jungle Stories 1958 S.Brodsky Cover H.Kiefer Art

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