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Daisy Low of the Girl Scouts #1
Daisy Low of the Girl Scouts #1Grade: G/VG
Page Quality: OWW
Story of Juliette Gordon Low Founder of the Girl Scouts of America 1954

Mister Mystery #19
Mister Mystery #19Grade: VG-
Page Quality: OW
Census: 6 Higher - 1 in 4.0
Devil Cover, Pre-Code Horror-Suspense Stories Narrated by Mr. Mystery, Last Issue 10/54 E.Hughes Cover E.Robbins J.Bulthuis E.Smalle Art

Weird Mysteries #3
Weird Mysteries #3Grade: G/VG to VG-
Page Quality: OWW
Decapitation Cover, Pre-Code Horror & Mystery Stories 2/53 B.Bailey Cover T.Mortellaro C.Stern R.Andru M.Esposito Art
Weird Mysteries #8
Weird Mysteries #8Grade: G/VG
Page Quality: OWW
Wolverton Panel Cover Used in Readers Digest Anti-Comic Article, Pre-Code Horror Stories, Skeleton & Hanging Cover 1/54 B.Baily Cover S.Trapani T.Mortellaro E.Hughes Art

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