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Mister Mystery #4
Mister Mystery #4Grade: 5.0
Page Quality: COW
Female Bondage Cover, Pre-Code Horror Stories Narrated by Mr. Mystery, Negligee Horror Cover 7/52 R.Andru Cover & Art D.Perlin A.Simon P.Gattuso Art
Mister Mystery #9
Mister Mystery #9Grade: VG
Page Quality: OWW
Census: 4 Higher - 1 in 4.0
Pre-Code Horror & Mystery Stories Hosted by Mister Mystery, Skeleton Cover, Satan Story 1/53 W.Roth Cover T.Mortellaro J.Smalle C.Stern E.Hughes Art

Mister Mystery #14
Mister Mystery #14Grade: VG/VG-
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: 1 in 8.0 - 1 in 3.5
Alien-Like Demons Cover Pre-Code Horror-Suspense Stories Narrated by Mr. Mystery 12/53 B.Bailey Cover T.Feelings E.Hughes E.Eringer C.Stern S.Trapani Art

Navy Task Force #1
Navy Task Force #1Grade: FN-
Page Quality: OW
Census: No Copy Graded to Date
Pre-Code Naval Combat Stories 12/54 E.Hughes Cover & Art
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