St John

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Abbott and Costello #1
Abbott and Costello #1Grade: VG/F
Page Quality: OW
Hollywood Comedy Duo, Western Theme Cover 2/48 C.Payne Cover & Art

Abbott and Costello #7
Abbott and Costello #7Grade: VG+
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: 1 in 5.0 - 1 in 3.0
Hollywood Comedy Duo, Viking Cover, Mickey the Mex Back Up Story 5/49 L.Renee Cover & Art

Authentic Police Cases #6
Authentic Police Cases #6Grade: Q VG++
Page Quality: OW/COW
Classic Choking Woman Cover Used in SOTI, Pre-Code Crime Stories 11/50 M.Baker Cover & Art J.Cole W.Johnson Art

Babe #9
Babe #9Grade: FN+
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: Highest Graded - 1 in 6.5
"Darling of the Hills" Babe Boone & Her Hillbilly Family Stories, Baseball Cover 1/50 B.Rogers Cover & Art D.Smythe Art
Comics Revue #1
Comics Revue #1Grade: FN-
Page Quality: OWW
Census: Only Graded - 1 in 6.5
Ella Cinders & Blackie Stories 6/47 C.Plumb Art

Crime Reporter #1
Crime Reporter #1Grade: Q VG
Page Quality: OW/COW
Count Morphine & Drug Club Story, Jinx Jordan, Blue Monk, K-9, Rocky Stone & Ventrilo Stories 8/48 B.Lubbers Cover C.Sultan P.Gattuso G.Tuska Art
Crime Smashers #2
Crime Smashers #2Grade: VG/VG+
Page Quality: OW
Census: 3 Higher - 1 in 4.0
Pre-Code Crime Stories (Sally The Sleuth, Ray Hale (News Ace), Dan Turner (Hollywood Dick) & Girl Friday) 9/50 A.Barreaux G.Leslie D.March J.Altman Art J.Kubert Cover

Crime Smashers #5
Crime Smashers #5Grade: VG/VG+
Page Quality: COW
Census: 6 Higher - 1 in 4.5
Gun Moll Cover, Pre-Code Crime Stories (Sally The Sleuth, Ray Hale (News Ace), Dan Turner (Hollywood Dick) & Girl Friday) 7/51 R.McCarty P.Charpentier W.Wood Art M.Foss Cover

Ella Cinders #4
Ella Cinders #4Grade: 8.0
Page Quality: OWW
Census: Single Highest Graded
Full Length Ella Cinders Detective Mystery Story From Newspaper Strips 10/48 Beach Bikini Cover - This Comic is Cracked Out of Its CGC Case
Farmer's Daughter #4
Farmer's Daughter #4Grade: G/VG to VG-
Page Quality: OW
Cheesecake (Amy Dingle) Cover & Stories, Last Issue, Mighty Molly & Gig McCoy Back Up Stories 10/54 H.Post Cover & Art
Gangsters Can't Win #1
Gangsters Can't Win #1Grade: FN
Page Quality: White
True Crime Stories, Skull Cover, John Wesley Hardin Story 3/48 K.Battefield Cover G.Gregg T.Blaisdell M.Snyder B.Fraccio Art

Little Audrey Yearbook #1
Little Audrey Yearbook #1Grade: FN-
Page Quality: OWW
Census: 1 in 6.0 - 1 in 5.5
Rebound Comic with 8 Complete St. Johns Comics, Little Audrey, Abbott & Costello, Casper, Little Annie Rooney, 3 Stooges 1950 Gerber 7 Scarce

Mopsy #4
Mopsy #4Grade: VG-
Page Quality: OW/COW
Teen Humor From Daily Strips, Mopsy Modes Fashion Pages 10/48 G.Parker Cover & Art
Pageant of Comics #1
Pageant of Comics #1Grade: VG+
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: 5 Higher - 2 in 4.5
Starring Mopsy (1st Comic) & Virgil Stories, Sexy Female Art, Newspaper Strip Reprints, Bathing Suit Cover 9/47 G.Parker Cover & Art E.Kleis Art
Paul Terry's Comics #93
Paul Terry's Comics #93Grade: GD
Page Quality: OW/COW
Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, Terry Bears, Dinky, Gandy Goose & Others 1952 A.Bartsch Art

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