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Blue Bolt #106
Blue Bolt #106Grade: G/VG to VG-
Page Quality: OW
Classic Sci Fi Rocket Ship Cover, Spacehawk, Sub-Zero Man & Blue Bolt Stories 7/50 LBCole Cover L.Antonette J.Kirby B.Wolverton Art

Crime Fighting Detective #11
Crime Fighting Detective #11Grade: 8.5
Page Quality: OW
Census: 1 in 9.0 - 1 in 8.5
(#1) Pre-Code Based on True Crime Stories 5/50 Colorful LBCole Cover & Art G.Tuska Art
Dick Cole #6
Dick Cole #6Grade: G/VG to VG-
Page Quality: OW
Rodeo Bronc Busting Cover, All Dick Cole Stories 11/49 LBCole Cover J.Certa A.McWilliams Art

Four Most V7N2
Four Most V7N2Grade: G/VG
Page Quality: OW
Dick Cole, Edison Bell, Kit Carson, & Lem the Grem 4/48 J.Wilcox N.Albright Art LBCole Cover
$31.00 $22.00
Four Most V8N4
Four Most V8N4Grade: VF++
Page Quality: White
Pedigree: Crippen/"D" Copy
Toni Gayle, Edison Bell & Kit Carson 8/49 N.Albright LBCole Art J.Certa Cover

Gasoline Alley #2
Gasoline Alley #2Grade: VG/F to FN-
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: 4 Higher - 0 in 5.5
All Gasoline Alley Stories From 1936-37, Last Issue 12/50 New LBCole Cover F.King Art
Juke Box #4
Juke Box #4Grade: VG+
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: 1 in 7.5 - 1 in 7.0 - 1 in 3.0
Stories on '40s Singers & Bands, Jimmy Durante Cover & Story, Louis Armstrong Story 9/48 J.Fasano Cover & Art R.Atkinson E.Moore F.Guardineer P.Berube G.Kane Art

Target Comics V8 #1
Target Comics V8 #1Grade: VG++
Page Quality: OW
Snow Sled Cover, The Cadet, Target & Targeteers and Others 3/47 N.Albright Cover & Art J.Certa A.Helfant M.Whitman D.Rico Art

Target Comics V5 #3
Target Comics V5 #3Grade: VF-
Page Quality: OW
Census: Highest Graded - 1 in 7.0
Checker Board Cover, Chameleon, The Cadet, Target & Targeteers and Other Stories 8/45 B.Guth Cover & Art J.Donohoe J.Wilcox B.Daly B.Allison Art

Target Western Romances #106
Target Western Romances #106Grade: VG+
Page Quality: OW/COW
(#1) Scarce (Gerber 6) Obscure Pre-Code Western Romance Issue, Nudity Panel 9/49 N.Nodel B.Bailey G.Peltz Art LBCole Cover
Thrilling Crime Cases #46
Thrilling Crime Cases #46Grade: FN/FN-
Page Quality: OWW
Census: 1 in 7.0 - 1 in 5.0
Pre-Code Police Crime Stories 10/51 LBCole Cover & Art G.Peltz Art
White Rider and Super Horse #5
White Rider and Super Horse #5Grade: FN/FN-
Page Quality: COW
Census: No Copy Graded to Date
(#2) Bull's-Eye Bill & Last of the Mohican (Adapt.) Pt II Back Up Stories Gerber 6 Scarce 12/50 H.DeLay Art LBCole Cover
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