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Gangsters Can't Win #8
Gangsters Can't Win #8Grade: F/VF to VF-
Page Quality: OWW
Census: No Copy Graded to Date
Cult Bondage Cover, Detective Dick Taylor & Other Crime Cases, 52 Pages 5/49 R.Jenney Cover & Art A.McWilliams W.Davoren Art
Jeff Jordan U.S. Agent #1
Jeff Jordan U.S. Agent #1Grade: VF++
Page Quality: OWW
Pedigree: Jon Berk Collection
Census: 1 in 9.4 - 1 in 8.5
3 Jeff Jordan Crime & Spy Stories 1/48 Only Issue

Outlaws #4
Outlaws #4Grade: VG-
Page Quality: OW
Pre-Code Western Stories 9/48 L.Morey M.Becker F.Bell P.Charpentier J.Orlando Art

Public Enemies #6
Public Enemies #6Grade: GD-
Page Quality: OW/COW
Pre-Code 40s Crime Stories 2/49 A.Gates A.Wenzel M.Whitman Art

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