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Crown Comics #9
Crown Comics #9Grade: VF++
Page Quality: OWW
Pedigree: Big Apple Copy
Census: 1 in 9.4 - 1 in 7.5
Leif the Lucky, Bryan O'Flynn, Buckskin & Other Stories 8/46 N.Steele Cover & Art F.Bolle M.ElkanArt

Green Hornet Comics #1
Green Hornet Comics #1Grade: 8.5
Page Quality: OWW
1st Green Hornet & Kato in Comics, Lenore "Casey" Case (Britt's Secretary) App. 1st Origin Story 12/40 Grey Tone Cover B.Whitman Shop Art
Green Hornet Comics #4
Green Hornet Comics #4Grade: VG/F
Page Quality: OW/COW
Census: 5 Higher - 1 in 5.0
Green Hornet (Based on the Mutual Radio Series), Don Manley Sport Sleuth, Mastermind M'Ginty, Burma Burns & Snapper Swift Stories 5/41 B.Whitman Cover & Art (3) K.Battefield I.Hasen Art

Green Hornet Comics #6
Green Hornet Comics #6Grade: FN++
Page Quality: OW
Census: 3 Higher - 0 in 6.5
Last Holyoke Issue, Green Hornet (Based on Mutual Radio Series), Don Manley, Mister Twister & Other Stories 8/41 B.Whitman Cover & Art

Holyoke One-Shot #1
Holyoke One-Shot #1Grade: FN-
Page Quality: OW/COW
Grit Grady (On Cover Only), Miss Victory, Alias X, Davy Crockett, Cpl Rusty Dugan, U.S. Border Patrol & Diamond Jim Stories 1944 F.Frollo Cover C.Quinlin F.Renault E.Lipowski A.Ulmer Art

Power Comics #4
Power Comics #4Grade: 7.0
Page Quality: OWW
Pedigree: Nicolas Cage Copy
Census: 4 Higher - 2 in 7.0
Black Raider, Dr. Mephisto, Miss Espionage & Merlin Boy Magician Stories, Last Issue 1945 LBCole Cover L.Morey M.Whitman M.Leav T.DiPreta G.Appel Art
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